The Blue River


This river is a kayaking heaven in Greenland. The melting Petermann Glaciers fill up the low lying areas with stunning blue water. The filling pattern changes seasonally causing the river to change its shape. The vibrant blue color comes from glacial silt.

Kayaking Tours

The route can be done as it is explained above or in reverse order. The order of the activities may not be exactly as planned in this outline. Greenland is the wildest country in the northern hemisphere, infrastructures are almost non-existent and logistics pose enormous challenges.

That is the reason why we may not follow this daily itinerary exactly as planned. It is subject to change in order to adapt the journey to the weather conditions, sea conditions, or technical and organisational difficulties, and it therefore requires flexibility in the traveller.


Greenland Featured Experiences

Three Days

Adventure Break
A short full of adventure break in Greenland. Exploring the icebergs filled fiords with our adventurous RIB boats, navigation close to largest glacier fronts in south Greenland and kayaking opportunities among icebergs...


Available August thru September

Five Days

Greenland Best Adventure
Meet the Inuits, navigate among icebergs, trek, enjoy glacier fronts, thermal springs, the Inlandis, the artic fauna, the northern lights, see for yourself how the climate is changing...


Available August thru September

August 2013 fully booked

Fourteen Days

Kayaking & Trekking in South Greenland
Probably the most complete journey you can do in South Greenland including the best treks in the tundra, an unforgettable excursion on Greenland’s ice sheet, and the biggest and most beautiful mountains and granite walls in Greenland—Ketil and Ulamertorssuaq, in Tasermiut fjord, which are considered one of the ten wonders of the whole Arctic.


Available August thru September 15

2013 fully booked


One Day Treks

Sightseeing and Wildlife

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